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We are DLS Group.

Just about anything your organization does we can expertly produce—all under one roof. This allows us the capacity to design, print, and mail your job much quicker than most people in the industry.

We prefer that our clients think of us as an extension of their office. We can act as your entire marketing department, or operate along-side it in a supporting role. If the situation calls for it, we are happy to work 24/7 to accomplish our shared goals and are not satisfied with anything less than stellar results. Give us a call. There’s a whole team of talented people, complete with a mascot, that will work tirelessly to save you time and money while streamlining the entire process.

The Group

Garett - Creative Director


A graduate with an MBA from UCI’s Paul Merage School of Business, Garett was agency-trained long ago in the cutthroat trenches of the advertising world. He’s been battle-tested on the massive field of high-tech, and honed his talent in the automotive, educational, healthcare and non-profit sectors. He’s particularly adept at quickly mobilizing and leading creative forces to deliver any message across any platform. Also, he’s more than likely responsible for keeping the sticky-note business alive and sticking.

Creative Director

Kristin - PR & Marketing


Brings more than a decade of marketing experience to DLS Group. She most recently worked as the Director of Marketing for the POP Studio in Culver City, and prior to that was in the corporate PR and marketing divisions of Nordstrom, helping launch the retailer’s wedding divisions. Her meticulous attention to detail and work ethic are well known and lauded at each place she has worked. She’s one of the best in business at her job and we’re very excited to have her as part of “The Group.”

PR & Marketing

Jason - Writer and Editor


Jason cut his teeth in New York reviewing and drafting copy of all kinds. He then moved west to bring his talents to Hollywood and Southern California. His weapon of choice is a MacBook and he can occasionally be found dusting off his trusty typewriter.

Writer & Editor

Patti - Production Management/Art


A born typographer, Patti is the backbone of DLS Group. One part perfectionist, one part production artist, one part “get back to work we have a deadline”— she’s all business. There is no one (and I mean no one) in this industry better at spotting and solving potential problems that are commonly overlooked and create unwanted charges. She has saved our clients thousands of dollars on design and print cost by keeping time and production at a minimum, often turning comps or proofs around in a single day.

Production Management/Art

Chase - Lead Developer


Has been tinkering with electronics since he first learned how to crawl. In fact, he taught himself how to operate a car at age 4...while his mom was on the phone. He now stays busy coding everything from eCommerce sites to intricate web apps that power businesses. In his spare time you can find him on an airplane on his way to explore a new country.

Lead Developer


Adventure Dog

Adventure Dog—or Bear, as she’s known around the shop—is always up for a road trip, or even a late-night press check. She’s always full of energy and crazy ideas and is one of the biggest champions of our work. As she sees it, petting her is job one.

Fearless Fetcher

“Your product is important to you;
DLS Group can help make it important to your customer."

–Brian Shephard, Director of Marketing, Currie Enterprises

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