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Offset Printing

Harvey Mudd College

Harvey Mudd College was looking to produce a view book to send out to prospective students. And from one of the top engineering schools in the nation, it had to be impressive. The cover had 8 die cut windows which needed to line up perfectly with inside images. Easy. The guts were 16 pages, but had an 8 page double thick spread with die cut and perforated, advent style windows with printing on both sides. A bit more challenging. The center spread contained a 10 x 39 four-color, three dimensional die cut puzzle of their new building that could be assembled when popped out. Pardon the pun, but that took some engineering. To top it off, a 24 page manual was bound in the center, and it all trimmed down neatly and saddle stitched into a 10 x 10 self mailer. Not an easy assignment. Knowing our background for tackling intricate work, they tapped DLS Group for the job and we Aced it.

Harvey Mudd College - Offset Printing
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