We help brands tell better stories.

We're not your ordinary design and print shop. DLS Group belongs to the new breed: a full-service marketing entity creating design, print, and interactive solutions from one massive Southern California location. We offer custom, turn-key programs from strategic brand consulting and research, to initial concept and design, to print and final delivery — all from a single source.

Success Stories

7,500 custom boxes. Designed. Printed. Converted. And Shipped. In five days. Our customer didn’t even think that was possible. It’s possible. We did it.

25,500. 64pg. + cover, full color, perfect bound alumni magazines, printed, bound and delivered to the mail house in seven days? Done.

Our competition quoted three weeks to produce three versions of an 8,400, 20pg, reunion brochure, printed and mailed out. We quoted one week and were awarded the job. Oh, and we delivered it a day early.

37 stores. 340 window displays. 400,000 menus. Zero problems.

The online ordering portal DLSgroup built for us was genius. Previously, we had a dozen departments ordering a dozen different products, and somehow that equated to a million different problems. DLSgroup solved all of them by providing us with a single source, asset management solution that has made our institution far more efficient, and my job, so much more enjoyable.

We were ordering design and print collateral from a variety of vendors, the problem was—it looked it. Nothing had the same look and feel. Trying to save a few pennies completely degraded our brand. We switched to DLSgroup and haven’t looked back. Now our marketing efforts make a much stronger first impression, signaling our clients that we’re willing to invest in them, and ourselves.

We needed a booth designed and constructed for San Diego Comic-Con. My former vendor had botched the job and someone recommended DLSgroup. I had four days to re-cover 24 panels, print 18 floor to ceiling banners, 6 massive backdrops, and one giant wall topper. They even found someone to build a stand for our models—the day of our show. I still don’t know how they pulled it off. It was incredible. They went so far above and beyond they could have billed me triple what they charged and I would have gladly paid it”